Each year at Christmas time, my family watches through a cultivated list of favorite Christmas movies.  We know them almost […]
Today (and tomorrow), I am faced with “Found Days.”  That is, I was supposed to be heading off to a […]
Earlier in my career, I was a regional dean for Indiana Wesleyan University.  During a significant portion of that assignment, […]
I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve had this conversation as a parent with my children.  Sometimes it […]
In our household, the end of the year can be an extremely busy time (I’m sure we’re the only ones, […]
For most of my life, I’ve been an optimist.  In high school, I was even given a character award for […]
I recently had an interesting experience with my son.  He’d been participating in a club at school where the leader […]
In fourth grade, my teacher had us do experiments to demonstrate water tension.  One experiment was to get a very […]
Severe Peace: I’d never said it that way before when telling the story but the phrase came out when I […]
My wife and I both love what we do. My wife is an oilfield chemist and we own an oilfield […]