Education is changing.

Will your institution be left behind?

InterLearn develops affordable customized curriculum for online education.

Our programs are tailored to your institution's distinctive perspective. We work with both faith-based and secular institutions, with everything we do being ethically centered.

InterLearn brings a wealth of experience in helping institutions reach their adult student markets. Their work brings great returns in branding and generating new revenues.

Dr. John Fozard, President, Mid America Christian University

They not only helped us lay a good foundation for strategic planning, they left our staff and facutly with a renewed sense of excitement for our future.

J.W. Zechman, Former President, Penn View Bible Institute

We have been extremely pleased with InterLearn. They have provided courses, consultation, sage advice, and everything else we needed to successfully launch and build our degree programs.

Expanding your institution & impact isn't easy...

Increasingly, students expect the flexibility and freedom of online programs. They can be an important additional revenue stream for your institution.

Online programming, however, is difficult to implement and execute. Your team already works hard, and may not have the capacity to create and manage online courses.

The financial investment can be significant if creating custom material, yet using pre-made courses erodes the distinguishing attributes of your institution.

You already know the difference you're making in your students' lives. What could you achieve by reaching more pupils?

Imagine what a thriving online education program could do for your institution...

How many more lives could you impact, and what would it do for your capacity to grow and thrive as an organization?

You would be moving towards a bright future, with plenty of financial funding and resources for your team and students.

The differentiating qualities of your institution would be maintained through this growth, establishing you as a leader among institutions of your type.

The impact your team is already making in the world would be exponentially expanded, without them having to put in more work.

Our team designs and implements associate through graduate level online curriculum.

Our programs are used by both faith-based and secular institutions.


Choose from our library of customizable programs, or have a brand new program created.


Use your existing e-learning platform, or let us recommend one that's right for you.


Use your own faculty, or leverage our database of faculty leads at no additional cost.


Every program we design is guided by cutting edge educational theory, to ensure an excellent student experience.


We exist to help all types of institutions - large & small, faith-based and non-sectarian - so we've created systems that allow us to deliver excellent curriculum for a very affordable investment.

Financial aid support

Since our recommended model of online education requires a different financial aid process, we help you implement the correct systems.

InterLearn's mission is to help institutions create leaders for every field.

Joshua T.Fischer, Ph.D.

Our core team has extensive experience in higher education, and we understand the importance and challenges of providing higher education in today’s world.

Together, we can create a kinder, more compassionate & principled world for all.

Joshua and Victoria

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