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The Importance of Student-Centered Learning (and Teaching)

If you’re not familiar with the theoretical construct, Student-Centered Learning (SCL) puts the learner as the focus and owner of their education. For the teacher/faculty member, the role of education leader is no less important. Theirs is still to lead and guide the students (perhaps drag sometimes) to the Truth that is being delivered. However, the goal is to make it the student’s education, not the teacher’s. The nuances of the approach make the course not about the hoops the student must jump through based on the whims of the teacher, but the means that a faculty member uses to help the student gain the ground in understanding the material. Traditional programs of study in higher education (for 18-24 year-olds) is very often Teacher-Centered. Adult and online programs, usually designed for adults, is more often designed with a student-centered approach to teaching and learning.

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What is Adult Education?

Higher Education today is in a very volatile state. It is in the process of embracing technology while fighting to maintain the model that some feel is the only method for quality. In the past quality meant that a student would go to the hallowed halls of the ivory tower, subjected to teacher-centered instruction in hopes of entering the ranks of the “intelligencia.” Today, that model is still out there but it is losing ground. Instead, programs catering to the needs of the adult learner are on the rise. However, many in higher education lack of understanding about what adult education is.