My wife and I both love what we do. My wife is an oilfield chemist and we own an oilfield testing company. I work as a consultant in higher education helping schools with their adult and online programming. As I said, we both love what we do and feel called to do what we do.

As Sunday rolls around, we go to church and have had a good day worshipping, learning, and spending time with friends and family, go out to lunch, come home for a wonderful Sunday afternoon nap. Sometimes we go for a run or work in the garden as I did yesterday. It’s really a great day.

Then evening settles in and Monday becomes a reality. We are charged up and ready to go on one level because we have a calling to fulfill. On another level, we start getting what we have come to call the “Sunday blahs.” The Sunday blahs is a term meaning that we are already missing the time with our family, the laughs, the focus, the sense of safety when we are together, a sense of completion, and a sense of belonging. It is a somewhat wistful feeling. . .a longing for the weekend to last longer. I’m sure you’ve felt it at least a time or two.

However, when I think about what it will be like on the other side of eternity, whether I am there because I have died or God has brought world history to a close, I think about a Sunday without a Monday. I think about completeness and a sense of belonging that doesn’t come to an end. I think about a sense of safety that comes only through a fully realized and understood relationship with the Father, His Son, and the Spirit. When we have reached this completeness, what is there is no more sense of loss from leaving the weekend behind. There is no “blah” as we head into what comes next. It is the hope we hold onto as Christians. It’s a forever Sunday…without a Monday.


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