The phrase of change is the new constant is one that is sometimes frustrating to embrace. This is a surviving […]
Let’s make an assumption that you have achieved or have an intentional path towards the mindset of online curriculum in […]
I had the pleasure of attending “Business Gets Personal,” a one-day conference with Seth Godin (@ThisIsSethsBlog), Dave Ramsey (@DaveRamsey), and […]
Severe Peace: I’d never said it that way before when telling the story but the phrase came out when I […]
As noted in the Curriculum Design for Online Programs recording from the ABHE workshop, it can feel like a conflict […]
There has been a push in elementary education across the grades to de-centralize curriculum development. However, there is a danger […]
What good prescriptive curriculum boils down to is the philosophy of creating an architectural framework of learning that ensures faculty […]
If you’re not familiar with the theoretical construct, Student-Centered Learning (SCL) puts the learner as the focus and owner of […]
If you ever have had the opportunity to attend a Dave Ramsey EntreLeadership Event (and if you haven’t, and you’re […]
While there are many bright spots for higher learning institutions, looming failure is also a concern for colleges and universities. […]