InterLearn Virtual Conference Program 2020

InterLearn Virtual Conference

Day 1

All Times are in Central Time, US/GMT -5:00

10 am         Welcome & Opening Session:  Tapping the Potential Synergy Between Quality and Growth       

                  Dr. Joshua Fischer, President, InterLearn

A healthy organization is a growing one.  However, growth can be an elusive reality when the distractions of poor quality continue to cripple the organization.  Review growth strategies of successful, growing organizations and consider practical ways your institution can push past these distractions that kill growth by turning quality principles into quality practice

10:30 am    Developing Online Content Delivery for Effective Adult Learning

                  Dr. Brian Simmons, Associate Provost for Online Studies, Columbia International University

Online instruction is here to stay, and schools and universities will need qualified and experienced administrators to lead organizations from where they are to where they need to be ensuring that learning objectives are equivalent for all students regardless of mode of content delivery!  The effective senior online administrator at the university level is a professor/scholar, business manager, democratic leader, applied social scientist and effective communicator!  This workshop will explore the complex nature of the leadership position, organization and governance, specific leadership and management responsibilities, current challenges and factors contributing to success.

11 am         Academic Integrity and Leading Online Programs

                  Dr. Carson Castleman, VP for Regional Education & External Relations, Indiana Wesleyan University

                  Dr. Kevin Jones, Dean, Online Region and East Central Indiana, Indiana Wesleyan University

This presentation will explore the necessity of an intentional process for investigating student honest policy offenses as part of the process in leading online programs. This creates a consistency that is necessary when dealing with students who have submitted work that does not appear to be their own. With the growing number of cheat sites claiming to be homework help sites and contract to cheat businesses, we must understand the landscape in which our faculty and students navigate.

11:30 am    Making Conversational Language Courses Work Online

                  Faviola Lorena Morales, Instructional Designer, InterLearn

Learning a language is all about communication and interaction, so how do we create conversational language courses in asynchronous online modalities? How do we create opportunities for interaction and real communication when the facilitators are not having real-time conversations with students, and students can barely communicate in the new language between them? There is no silver bullet, but there is a four-step model that focuses on creating authentic communicative situations that enhance all the necessary skills. Attend this session to learn how to apply this model every conversational language course so that students can start their language fluency journey, rather than simply walking away with a list of vocabulary words.

12 pm        The Intersection of Planning

                  Tim Fuller, President, Fuller Higher Ed Solutions

Every institution needs a strategic plan.  Accreditors require them, donors want to be inspired by them, faculty and staff expect them . . . how does the strategic plan intersect with other institutional plans for an effective, efficient, and focused planning culture which strikes the right balance between aspiration and perspiration?

12:30 pm   Break

1 pm          Panel Discussion:  The Importance of Online Education in Today’s Higher Education Scene, Part 1

                  Panel Members:

2:15 pm     Strategies to Improve Donor Participation & Retention

                  Bill Bennett, Financial Professional, Inspire Financial Group

“Everyone ends up somewhere, but few end up somewhere on purpose.” – Andy Stanley

Discover strategies that will bring intention & design to your donor relations efforts. Improving your donor base and their retention is a constant in higher ed. Learn important strategies that will allow your donor base to optimize their cash flow in a more tax-efficient manner, resulting in increased giving and improved retention.

2:45 pm     Can Online Students Thrive?  YES

                  Dr. Cynthia Tweedell, AVP for Institutional Effectiveness, Ohio Christian University

Conventional wisdom has said that students taking classes online are missing out on the affective part of their educational opportunity.  However, recent data from Ohio Christian University indicates online students score higher on several indicators of “thriving” than traditional students.  In particular, online students report a greater sense of community than residential students.  This session presents these data and discusses ways in which Ohio Christian develops community among online students.

3:15 pm     Adult Learning: Connecting Theory and Practice

                  Matt Lee, Executive VP, Kansas Christian College

Curriculum should be developed from a perspective that meets adult learners where they are in order to enhance their learning most effectively. This workshop will provide a summary of the guiding principles of andragogy as defined by Malcom Knowles, common pitfalls to avoid when starting a new program, and practical ways to connect theory and practice in the classroom.

3:45 pm     The Changing Landscape of the Adult & Online World

                  Dr. Joshua Black, Executive Director, Division of Adult Learning, Lee University

As you may have noticed lately, higher education is rapidly changing.  Federal and state regulations are shifting, for-profits are disappearing, state schools are rapidly expanding online, and traditional campus populations are shrinking in parts of the US.  On top of all this, 2020 brings a global pandemic that is a major disrupter to most of society.  College faculty and administrators who had vowed to never acknowledge online were instantly moving all of their university to a distance or remote model.  Where will this take us later this year and into the future?  Come ready to discuss your ideas!

4:15 pm     Startup Considerations for a New Online Program

                  Shannon Mulford, Baptist Bible College

Are you thinking about starting a new online program? Are you preparing to implement a new online program? This workshop will help institutional administrators, faculty, and staff prepare for implementation and reduce startup issues by considering the following: institutional structure, strategic planning, academic programs and policies, learning management system, financial aid, faculty engagement, staff infrastructure, program support, marketing strategies, assessment strategies, and more.

InterLearn Virtual Conference

Day 2

All Times are in Central Time, US/GMT -5:00

10 am         Effects of Prior Learning Assessment on the Graduation Rates of Online Adult Learners

Dr. Lee Barnett, Dean and Assistant Provost for Student Affairs, Columbia Southern University

Graduation rates of adult college students lag behind those of traditional undergraduates.  Credit for prior learning (PLA) has the potential to improve graduation rates and decrease time to degree for adult students.  This study examined the relationship of PLA on graduation rates for adults in an online degree program. 

10:30 am    Managing Curriculum for Rigor, Accreditation, and Staff Sanity

                  Dr. Bradford Sample, Provost, Ohio Christian University

How does an academic leader use the curriculum and the curriculum-approval/building process to meet multiple internal and external needs? How does one meet accreditation expectations and cultivate faculty buy-in for online programs, while not burning out the staff?  This workshop promotes the concept that careful planning of the entire process and building a coherent interdepartmental structure are the keys to both an effective curricula and long-term conservation of resources.

11:00 am    Navigating the College Data Management Software Landscape

                  Nick Holloway, Account Manager/ Business Development, Populi

Learn best practices when it comes to the purchase of your next SIS/LMS, multifunction data management software. This workshop will discuss what to look for and what to avoid and how to best direct your staff in the questions they need to ask as your school looks at upgrading or changing your school’s current data management software.

11:30 am    Leading Through Transitions: COVID, Enrollment, Budget, and Other Driving Forces

                  Dr. Amie Anderson, Dean, Indiana Wesleyan University

Whether required due to COVID, changes in enrollment, or budget, transitions can be difficult especially on leadership.  This presentation will review how leadership can conceptualize, plan, and implement changes that build buy-in, whether the transition is a public or confidential implementation plan. We will also discuss how to lead through the changes effectively. 

12 pm        Lead Generation and Marketing in an Online World

                  Scott Boyer, Columbia International University

Whether you have a large marketing budget or a small one, there are ways to generate leads to help achieve enrollment goals. Join the session for tips on where to find leads and how to budget accordingly.

12:30 pm   Break

1 pm          Panel Discussion:  The Importance of Online Education in Today’s Higher Education Scene, Part 2

                  Panel Members:

2:15 pm     Creating a Culture of Success in Adult and Online Administration

                  Paul Snyder, online education leader/innovator

This session will cover methods for fostering a winning culture with staff and faculty, developing an excellent customer service model for students, and helping students achieve their goals.

2:45 pm     Problems and Solutions:  Challenges Facing Adult Learners in the Twenty-First Century

                  Dr. Jonita Powell, Campus Dean, Strayer University

                  Kayatta Shabazz, Instructor, Central Piedmont Community College

The presenters will start with an overview of employability needs and challenges of adult learners in higher education. Then, the participants and presenters will discuss recommendations that will equip students with transferrable skills to thrive in the ever-evolving workplace. 

3:15 pm     Closing Session

                  Dr. Joshua Fischer, President, InterLearn